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English speaking group meeting: Anti-aviation

Tapahtumat· 16.1.·Helsinki (Myhki / HYMY)·

On Wednesday, January 16, at 19.00, the English-speaking group of
Friends of the Earth Helsinki will meet at Ulrika (Leppäsuonkatu 11)
in Etu-Töölö.

We will continue to discuss aviation this time. Also, a part of the
time will be devoted to planning the future direction of the group. As
a basis for interesting discussion, some of the following resources
could be of use. (Reading these is not compulsory to participate, and
other ideas are also welcome.)

Ulrika is a shared space for student associations located in the
building Domus Gaudium (Leppäsuonkatu 11) in Etu-Töölö. The entrance
to the building is on a small square on Leppäsuonkatu. Next to the
door there are bike racks and a doorbell that says "Ulrika" -- push
the button and wait for someone to come and let you in. Ulrika can be
accessed without using stairs (there's an elevator in the building),
but within the space there are some low thresholds.

The meeting is open to everyone, and we welcome anyone who is interested.